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V3 Mobile Plus 2.0


V3 Mobile Plus provides simple and fast identity authentication service for secure mobile financial transactions.It interoperates with mobile banking, credit card, stock trading and shopping services ensuring all of your mobile transactions are secure.
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1. Anti-VirusAhnLab’s mobile anti-virus engine protects your smartphone from viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other malware.When you open an application interlocked with V3 Mobile Plus, the anti-virus engine will get updated to the latest version, and Real-Time Scan will scan your device for malware. When a malicious file is detected, you can remove it immediately.* The anti-virus feature will run even if you do not use the ‘Authenticator' service.
2. AhnLab AuthenticatorAhnLab Authenticator is an identity authentication service that is simpler than the SMS or ARS authentication method required for some online services on your own smartphone.If you need additional identity authentication for secure transactions of mobile banking or payment on smart phone, just use AhnLab Authenticator. Enjoy simple and fast one-time security code authentication for secure online financial transactions.Using 'AhnLab Authenticator' will prevent authentication-bypass.
※ Mobile Network Operators* Only supported on a smartphone registered in your name with a MNO (SKT, KT and LGU+) or MVNO.
※ How to Use AhnLab Authenticator* To activate “AhnLab Authenticator” through V3 Mobile Plus, you need mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.* When using the service for the first time through an application, you need to consent to the Terms of Use and register your device.* Allow notification when using online banking or app-card applications interlocked with V3 Mobile Plus for security code check and one-touch authentication.* To keep your USIM card secure, install the USIM agent application provided by your MNO and keep it updated to the latest version.
[Note]* When you install/open multiple applications simultaneously, the service may not work properly according to your device.- If you have closed the application interlocked with V3 Mobile Plus 2.0, but the service is still running, go to Settings > Manage applications and select V3 Mobile Plus 2.0 and force stop it.- When an error occurs while using an application interlocked with V3 Mobile Plus 2.0, go to Settings > Manage applications and select the application and clear the data, and then restart the application.- If you installed V3 Mobile Plus from an unofficial application market, reinstall the service via Google Play Store.
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